Project Description

Pit Cottage Bunker

LBLA developed the landscape works for the reserved matters application at Pit Cottage Bunker. The development sought to repurpose an old transmission bunker from world war two into holiday accommodation. LBLA worked closely with Lipton Plant Architects (now corstorphine-wright) and planning consultants Boyer. Together the team developed a sympathetic development that retained the character and history of the bunker whilst creating a sustainable use case for the future.

The key to the landscape design was to ensure the development blended with the surrounding woodland. We proposed a mix of ivy and ferns atop the bunked with shade tolerant wildflower seed. Now approaching its second year we look forward to the meadow establishing and exhibiting a range of wildflowers.

CGI image courtesy of corstorphine-wright.

  • Project Title: Pit Cottage Bunker

  • Date Completed: Construction Completed 2023

  • Client: Private